Active Courts

The active courts chart includes information related to each court's status regarding e-filing and acceptance of American Express and E-Check. For detailed information on these items, review the chart legend »

Court Status AMEX E-Check
Civil Criminal Probate & Family
Appeals Court Permissive Permissive Permissive Yes
Boston Municipal Court - Brighton Permissive     No
Essex Probate and Family     Permissive No
Supreme Judicial Court – Commonwealth Permissive Permissive   No
Supreme Judicial Court – Suffolk Permissive Permissive   No
Quincy District Court Permissive     No
Worcester District Court Permissive     No



  • Permissive means that the court currently accepts e-filing as well as paper documents.
  • Mandatory means that e-filing is mandatory for the court.
  • If there is no status information this means that the court is not yet using Odyssey eFileMA.

Accepts AMEX

  • E-filing payment accounts may be created using Mastercard, Discover, Visa or American Express. However, some courts do not accept American Express.
  • We use the following icons to indicate whether a court accepts American Express as a payment method or not.
    Accepts     American Express Does not accept American Express

Accepts E-Check

  • In some courts, e-filing payment accounts may be created using an e-check.